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Curitiba shops, malls and markets

Curitiba isn't a shopper's paradise like Dubai, London or New York. If you want to look for nice, special souvenirs like handmade things you're in the right city. Shopping in Curitiba is fun to do because of the nice and friendly people, street performers and the many little street venues or charming shops. A nice street to do this is Rua da Flores (Flower Road), Brazil's oldest pedestrian street.

Other places to shop are the shopping malls like: Park Shopping Barigui, Shopping Palladium Curitiba, Estacao or one of the shopping centres from the list below. And last but not least the markets or street fairs where you can find nice little souvenirs or food and fruit. There's one almost every day. Two Feiras (fairs) are: Feira da praca da Espanha (Spain Square's Fair) and Feira do Largo da Ordem (Largo da Ordem's Street Fair). And when you're tired of walking and shopping take a rest in one of the many, beautiful parks: Tingui Park, Tangua Park, Portugal Wood or one mentioned on the homepage.

Curitiba malls, shopping centres


Shopping Crystal Plaza

Rua Comendador Araujo 731

Batel, Curitiba

Tel.: 0055(0)41 38833000


Shopping Mueller

Avenue Candido Abreu 127

Centro civico, Curitiba

Tel.: 0055(0)41 30741000

Curitiba shops


Territorio Mountain Shop

Alameda Doctor Carlos Carvalho 180


Tel.: 0055(0)41 30180719



Bicho Locko Pet store

Avenida Desembargador Hugo Simas 1231

Bom Retiro, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Tel.: 0055(0)41 33380337


Adriana Folheados Jewellery & Watches

Rua Anne Frank 3749 lj 514


Tel.: 0055(0)41 32844515


Alfaiataria Jockey

Rua 15 Novembro 2790


Tel.: 0055(0)41 32648688


Dijao Esportes

Rua Julio Cesar Ribeiro de Souza 690


Tewl.: 0055(0)41 32760008


Curitiba markets


Mercado Municipal

Avenida Sete de Setembro 1865

Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Tel.: 0055(0)41 30158240


Mercado Publico Municipal

Avenida Candido Abreu 817

Centro civico, Curitiba

Tel.: 0055(0)41 33503835

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