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Curitiba is the capital city of Parana a state in the south of Brazil, and founded by the Portuguese in 1693. Curitiba has around 1.800.000 people (7th in Brazil) and 3.500.000 in the municipality. Curitiba lies 932 m (3060 ft) above sea level and 105 km inland. Curitiba's wealth was based on it's location between the cattle breeding South and markets in the North. This lured a lot of Europeans to this area. After 1850 many Germans, Italians and Polish came to Curitiba. The first university in Brazil started in Curitiba, the Federal University of Parana, in 1923.

Curitiba has a Maritime Temperate climate or Subtropical highland climate, this means the winters aren't that cold, average 13C (55F, temperatures sometimes drop below 0C (32F)) and summers are pleasant, 21C (70F), but it can get above 32C (90F) on hot days.

Curitiba is surrounded by forests (Ombrophilous Mixed Forest or Araucaria moist forests = sub-type of the Atlantic Forests) and some steppes.

Curitiba has a lot of parks, green areas and the vegetation is beautiful, especially at the end of winter when a large quantity of purple and yellow ipes (tabebuias) flower. Some of those parks are: Botanic Gardens, German Woods, Italian Woods and Japan Square. Since 1994 special buses tour the tourist attractions, including the parks.

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